Tuesday, October 27

SCOOP: Pennsylvania County Workers Improperly Opened Discarded Trump Ballots Per Patrick Howley

by the DC Patriot

Breaking News on your Thursday night as Investigator & Journalist Patrick Howley has uncovered that the general election ballots were improperly opened by Pennsylvania county workers.

The following is from Howley on Twitter:

HUGE: “ I can say that the general election ballots were improperly opened by county staff” – Dawn Clark, Spokesman for U.S. Attorney’s office, referring to the discarded Trump ballots in Pennsylvania

Howley continued:

7 of 9 discarded ballots in Pennsylvania were for Trump. County workers PUT TWO back in their envelopes!!!! U.S. Attorney’s office confirms county workers “improperly” opened the ballots. THE ENTIRE PA VOTE BY MAIL SYSTEM IS OFFICIALLY TAINTED

Watch Howley’s full video breaking the Intel below:

Patrick Howley is one of the top investigative reporters and journalists in America. You can follow him on Twitter .@HowleyReporter

Posted with permission from the DC Patriot.

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