Tuesday, November 24

TYRANT! Michigan Governor Whitmer Tells Residents to CANCEL Thanksgiving and Christmas Get Togethers

by the DC Patriot

Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings because of you know more Covid insanity…

BREAKING: Michigan Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer is telling Michiganders to NOT ATTEND Thanksgiving and Christmas Gatherings… 

Michigan, what says you?— Matt Couch (@RealMattCouch) November 12, 2020

“Thanksgiving is going to look different this year,” Whitmer said. “It just has to. Medical experts across the country strongly recommend that we do not host Thanksgiving with people from outside of our own households.

“I know this will be hard, but we cannot afford for people to head to a family member, friend or loved one’s house for Thanksgiving, contract the virus and bring it back to the communities and their homes.

“The more people we have in our homes — talking, eating and drinking, hugging, yelling at the Lions — the higher the risk of catching or spreading this virus, and the higher the risk that the people we love with die.”

The Tyrant continued…

Whitmer said residents should get creative by joining relative in a Zoom call or sending photos of celebrations. She said it’s possible to give thanks together without putting each other in danger.

“The best way to show your loved ones that you care about them this year is to do everything in your power to protect them during this pandemic,” Whitmer said

What do you say? Will you be celebrating with your family or listening to the rulings of Tyrants?

Posted with permission from the DC Patriot.

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